Remix OS

3.0.207 (32-bit)

A comprehensive Android operating system for PC



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Remix OS is an operating system that brings the Android experience to desktop computers and laptops, adapting the environment to PC standards. It's based on the Android-x86 project, and lets you launch apps and take advantage of all the features of the Google environment.

The interface presents a multitask desktop that supports several layered windows, as well as a taskbar similar to the one on Windows 10 and a remake of the notifications bar. You can even right-click on different elements to open context menus and create keyboard shortcuts to access apps directly by pressing the physical keys. It incorporates all these features without ignoring the main aspects of the Android system and its integration with your Gmail account. The OS can be installed from a USB drive, or run externally through the Live CD mode. It can also work alongside other operating systems, and lets you switch between them at startup.

Remix OS is an interesting alternative that goes a step beyond mere simulations like Bluestacks to let you increase the performance of less powerful devices, and use Android applications even more efficiently than on a mobile device.

Includes both the ISO disc image as well as a tool to copy it to a USB drive.


If you use it on a USB drive, it needs to be a USB 3.0 formatted in FAT32.

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